Links and Notes

Links and Notes – Week 4, 2021

‘Is Substack the Media Future We Want?’ The New Yorker. (A month-old article that I’ve just got around to reading.) Random aside: I find it mildly interesting that the big three creative membership sites: Substack, OnlyFans and Patreon are all exceedingly ugly. Honestly, just grotesque. It goes to show how little a startups success often has to do with good design.

‘Twitter Acquires Revue, a Newsletter Company.’ New York Times. Will anything come of it? Probably not. As Om Malik points out they have already messed up the ownership of Periscope and Vine.

‘Twitter is opening up its full tweet archive to academic researchers for free’. The Verge. No access to any tweets from Donald Trumps banned account though.

‘How Many Microcovids Would You Spend on a Burrito?’ Wired. She did the maths.

Talking of Substack… I’ve been meaning to create some way to subscribe to I’m Left Handed via email for a while now. So if you’re not a big fan of staying updated via RSS you can now subscribe on Substack here. Have a good weekend everyone.