Meta's AI image labeling: 'Made with AI' becomes 'AI Info'

Meta’s having a bit of a wobble with its AI labelling. They’ve gone from “Made with AI” to “AI info” after photographers got a bit miffed about their regular photos being tagged as AI-generated. Apparently even basic editing tools were triggering the label.

The new tag’s supposed to be clearer, indicating that an image might have used AI tools in the editing process, rather than implying it’s entirely AI-generated.

But it’s still using the same detection tech, so if you’ve used something like Adobe’s Generative AI Fill, you might still get slapped with the label.

The whole thing’s a bit of a mess, really. We’ve got social networks trying to label AI content to inform users, editing tool makers adding AI features willy-nilly, and photographers caught in the middle doing their best to straddle the line between originality and AI.

It’s a classic case of technology outpacing policy.

TechCrunch has the full story.