Figma's pulls its AI tool after it got caught copying Apple's Weather app

Figma’s had to pull its new AI-powered app design tool after it started churning out clones of Apple’s weather app.

The ‘Make Design’ feature was quickly called out by someone on Twitter, showing the AI’s ‘original’ designs were dead ringers for Apple’s Weather app.

Figma CEO Dylan Field owned up to the blunder:

“Ultimately it is my fault for not insisting on a better QA process for this work and pushing our team hard to hit a deadline.”

It’s another reminder that AI-generated content is always a remix of its training data. But more often than not that ‘remix’ can be really be essentially a copy.

Figma reckons designers need new tools to “explore the option space of possibilities”. Let’s hope those tools can come up with something more original than a weather app that’s already on millions of iPhones.

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