Links and Notes

Links and Notes – Week 3, 2021

Technologists Use Facial Recognition on Parler Videos‘. Vice [c]. ‘It demonstrates the democratization of facial recognition, but comes littered with ethical issues.’ Indeed. I’m against facial recognition in nearly all forms. I’m also concerned that seems to have lots of images of people who were just protesting, not rioting.

‘Online speech and publishing’. Benedict Evans [c].

The internet and then social platforms break a lot of our definitions of different kinds of speech, and yet somehow Facebook / Google / Twitter are supposed to recreate that whole 200-year tapestry of implicit structures and consensus, and answer all of those questions, from office parks in the San Francisco Bay Area, for both the USA and Myanmar, right now. We want them to Fix It, but we don’t actually know what that means.

A visit from the Zune squad.’ The Verge [c]. ‘Microsoft may have killed off its flagship MP3 player nearly a decade ago, but these fans are keeping their enthusiasm alive.’

Intel is re-hiring retired employees. AnandTech [c]. New CEO Pat Gelsinger is already making changes.

Slate Star Codex is back. Astral Codex Ten [c]. The anonymously written blog was taken offline by its author after the New York Times was going to reveal the authors real name. Now the blog is back via Substack. If you’ve never heard of Slate Star Codex before now is probably a good time to start reading.